Spring and Allergy Season

Posted by Sam on 2/28/2020
Spring and Allergy Season

With the colorful season of spring comes the struggle of allergy season. Tree and flower pollen that revitalizes the cycle of life for plants can often ruin Anyone's day even for those that don't necessarily have the more severe symptoms of allergies. Itchy eyes, runny nose and headaches are among the list of symptoms, and for those of out here in Arizona and the warmer states it can last up to 10 months out of the year with Grass and weed pollen added in the summer and fall. We also have the grand dust storms out here in the dry desert that will make a person want to trap themselves in their home for several hours after being outside in a seemingly lovely and emergency free morning.

The struggle is unfortunate, a lot of times it makes people want to lash out in frustration or hurt themselves through the struggle but there are ways that we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable cycle. It is after all very hard to fight against the natural design.

Tips to prepare and ease allergy symptoms:

Pay attention to pollen reports, Local weather channels or weather related websites and apps can keep track of pollen counts in your area. If the counts are high its probably a good day to spend less time outside and more time indoors.

Be sure to make sure and change air filters in your house while using the air conditioning. Not only does this help keep the dust and pollen count inside your house down it is good for your conditioning unit as well.

Keeping allergy medications close is a must. Be sure to check with a doctor if you think symptoms are worse than they might have been before or you are having breathing issues. Some times the over the counter medications just aren't enough.


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