The Benefits Of Spending Time In Nature

Posted by Monique on 2/21/2020 to Physical Health
The Benefits Of Spending Time In Nature
 Studies have shown that Nature promotes your general well being. " In one study in Mind, 95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outside, changing from depressed, stressed and anxious to more calm and balanced." There are many different benefits of nature such as it is a stress reliever for some people, it sends out positive energy, clears your mind, and it can help build up your immune system. 

  Other studies state that "nature may provide exposure to healthy bacteria that inspire benefits for the immune system and reduce inflammation. ...Other research has found that just noticing nature increases general happiness and well being." Spending time outside can help build your immune system and make your body stronger and durable. Nature has so many positive effects on people and can change your perspective of the world. 

 Nowadays we are way too concerned and focused on phones, technology, and the digital world. " Today’s kids spend less and less time outdoors, and it’s taking a toll on their health and well-being." Make outside a priority in your family, studies have shown that nature promotes health mentally, and physically. Although technology has many great wonders it is important to stay grounded in the real world and not forget the things that really matter. 

   Nature brings things to perspective and makes people want to go out to spend time with friends and family. If your spending time outside you will need a first aid kit in case an emergency happens. The list below includes items you will need in your first aid kit. People find natural healing when spending time outside. People go on hikes, walks, and runs alone so it is important to be prepared and safe while you are exploring, or relaxing. Here are some products you can have handy. 

First Aid Kit Contents:
- Bandages 
- Water 
- Hand sanitizer 
- Eyewash 
- Alcohol wipes
 - Tweezers 
- Antibiotic packages 
- Aspirin 
- Knuckle bandages
- Gauze
- Bug Repellent 
- Cold Compress 

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