Walking at night: Are you Safe?

Posted by Leah on 9/27/2019 to Safety Tips
Walking at night: Are you Safe?

Millions of Americans partake in daily exercise, whether it be going to the gym, watching home exercise videos, or even the occasional run outside. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about leaving our door to partake in an exhilarating run, except at night. However, some schedules, or even hot weather, may restrict you to only walking/running until after dark. If that happens, below are the necessary tips to ensure a safe walk.

  • Wear reflective gear, such as reflective arm/ankle bands, shoes, or clothing. Making yourself visible to drivers, bicyclists, and other pedestrians is a must to help keep you safe at night.
  • Carry a light: There may be times where you encounter a dark area, or a streetlight is out. Carrying a headlamp, or even a light flashlight will help with visibility and prevent unnecessary injuries. The hands-free aspects of a high-power headlamp are especially helpful for those late-night trail runs.
  • Protect yourself: You should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Whether it’s a wild animal on your desert-trail, or potential attacker, having pepper spray or mace can help get you away from a dangerous situation.

In conclusion, outdoor exercise at night has several benefits, and is enjoyed by many people. Due to limited light, taking the extra precautions and getting the right gear can mean the difference between a safe, comfortable workout and an emergency situation.

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